Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon

About Us

It’s my story dating back to 1989, that is marked by dedication, skill development and the influence of family legacy. A college student at the time, I took on a summertime role as a deckhand in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  Immersed in the challenges presented by the abundant, pristine & rugged waters, I find myself 35 years later just as passionate as I was when this journey all began.


What makes my story even more compelling is the connection I have with my father-in-law, who had played a significant role in initiating the family's involvement in commercially harvesting Alaskan Sockeye Salmon back in the 60’s. The legacy passed down coupled with my unwavering commitment, became the driving force behind my involvement in commercial fishing.

However interestingly enough, I had already been fishing in Bristol Bay for several years before I had ever crossed paths with my wife and then meeting her father. This unique family dynamic, the interweaving of personal relationships and a strong commitment contribute to the richness of this story.

Hence, 'Fisherman's Daughter Salmon,' reflects the family ties and underscores the role of my wife, the daughter of a Croatian & Alaskan commercial fisherman in the narrative. This name not only pays homage to my wife but it also serves as a testament to our family's deep-rooted connection to the Alaskan salmon fishing industry, symbolizing a legacy that now spans generations. Our business encapsulates both the personal and professional dimensions of my journey and pursuit in the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Fishery.


As this legacy continues, we are ensuring that our tradition of harvesting wild-caught sockeye salmon persists. Through experience and tradition, both stand as a testament to the intergenerational bond with Alaska's rich marine heritage and a commitment to sustainable fishing practices.

Fisherman’s Daughter Salmon is a family owned business driven on our passion and values in providing our customers a premium, protein-rich and sustainable superfood food product. With an established 50+ family years of commercial fishing in the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, we continue to harvest sockeye salmon ourselves every summer, and sharing all of nature’s uniqueness in the form of a beautiful fish from the icy and pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Fisherman's Daughter Salmon is your direct source to one of nature's most precious gifts when it comes to clean eating.